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About US

The energy to deal with problem is located within; our team collaborate with people, crews as well as organisations to encourage all of them to efficiently take care of disagreement. See Why To Choose US!


We are proud of our professionalism and reliability; learning from a huge range of experience from Human Resources and employment law to interpersonal office relationships as well as mediation.

Commercially focussed

Our mediators are  commercially driven and understand that a swift resultion is the best outcome for the business. Our mediators come from a range of backgrounds including Human Resources, law and business.

We have the same interest in collaborating with employees as well as organisations to lessen disputes in the work environment.

The length of time does it take to discuss a Settlement Agreement?

Our Values/Inspiring

Our experts give imaginative, potential targeted and also maintainable options to allow our clients to favourably deal with problems in the work environment.


Undoubtedly every situation is different; as a result, our company tailor each mediation to the specifics of the situation instead of using a general strategy.

To start, each person associated with the situation has an individual meeting  with the mediator to ascertain their viewpoint and also share what they want to gain from the mediation.

This additionally gives a chance to reassure individuals concerning the issues and also clarify just how the mediator will make certain that the meetinge is  ‘fair & well balanced’ and also everyone is going to be given the opportunity to air their point of view.

Once individuals are comfortable and ready can move onto group mediation.

Our team of workplace mediators operating in association with our clients.


All mediators are impartial. We dont take sides and focus on solutions to try and fix the problem.


Conversations are never discussed outside of the worplace with anyone.

Need Mediation to help with your workplace issues?

We are Specialists in Mediation Workplace issues across most industries. Get in touch today to see how we can help you solve your disputes.

Mediation minimises the damages, expenses as well as dangers of damaging the businesses reputation.



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