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The contemporary mediation process at work is called workplace mediation. Its origins are from the first formal model of mediation that appeared in Britain during the 1920s. This was termed as the first ‘red book’ mediation service.

As time passed and new models came up, a new kind of mediation emerged. One of these was called ‘blue book’. This is also known as both a generic term and an acronym for ‘behavioral behavior therapy’ or BPT. When it came to the field of employment mediation, the term workplace mediation was used to signify a form of legal process that was administered by a mediator.

Even though its origins were through a place of employment, its growth has now extended to include any kind of dispute that arises between employees. The process becomes more of a ‘black book’ mediation process, where the mediation occurs at work through the mediator.

This mediation process differs from others because of its history. In the past, legal processes involving arbitration had been prevalent but with the emergence of ‘blue book’ mediation, it has now started to change into something different.

With its different services, it has begun to serve other specialised groups and individuals when it comes to arbitration for specific cases. Also, with the current jobless conditions, it has become more ‘service oriented’ which means it focuses on attaining compensation for employees.

How We Help The Arts Industry with Workplace Mediation

In the past, the primary function of mediation was to settle disputes among employees in the workplace disputes. This was a very special kind of mediation. It involved those who were working in the office or building, and it was possible to use it for long-term problems.

However, as with other courts, the two parties (employer’s side and employee’s side) never meet at the office, they only meet on the court’s side. Thus, the goal of workplace mediation was to bring about a better negotiation.

Although the process of mediation started in the workplace disputes, it also gained popularity among those who are not employed. This process has also expanded its scope and became popular among business houses as well.

Some employers have turned it into a habit and used it for almost every single workplace dispute that arises. It is one of the best things that has happened in this particular field.

This litigation process is totally legal. But before you can start this kind of mediation process, you need to make sure that you have two important components in order to go ahead. One is a reliable and experienced mediator and the other is a neutral party that will make the decision about the outcome of the process.
This is the reason why the mediation process for workplace disputes is becoming more flexible. With the availability of the internet, it is now easier to find mediators.

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Mediation minimises the damages, expenses as well as dangers of damaging the businesses reputation.



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