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A compromise agreement is a type of legally binding agreement between an employee and a business. In this agreement, the employee consents to settle their potential claims, and the employer will agree to make financial compensations to such claims. In some cases, the agreement will entail certain things that are more beneficial to the worker; for instance, an agreed reference letter.

Who Pays for The Worker’s Legal Advice?

Though there is no legal requirement that an employer takes care of the fees related to independent legal advice, the employee will take care of some of the fees. Therefore, before  you seek independent legal advice, you should be financially ready to take care of the expenses, though an employer will offer some financial support.

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What Are the Requirements for a Compromise Agreement?

Must I Accept the Compromise Agreement?

Any agreement agreement is entirely voluntary. Therefore, you are free to decline or accept the terms. However, there are consequences you should be aware of if you choose not to agree to the terms. Before you make a final decision, it is vital that you carefully go through the terms of the agreement so that you decide soberly. Most of the time, you will be given a maximum of ten days to review the agreement, but still, your employer might give you a shorter timeline.

It is important that, within the ten-day deadline, you seek advice from an experienced solicitor, and you will share the expenses with your employer. But if you access professional advice but ends up declining the agreement, you might take care of the expenses on your own. Note that your employer will only pay the legal fees if you sign the agreement.

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What Goes On During the Negotiation Process

The negotiations are mostly done face to face, and in some instances, the conversation is protected. As long as you are allowed, during the negotiation, you can come with a union rep or a colleague. However, we strongly encourage that, after getting professional advice, you make an independent decision without being influenced by anyone.

Before the session commences, be sure to state that you are negotiating without prejudice. This implies that no one, under any circumstances, can refer to the conversation in a legal proceeding. This explains why you should always hire an experienced solicitor to take you through the process.

When Does an Employer Have to Consider a Compromise Agreement?

There are various situations in which a compromise agreement can be used. For instance, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, redundancy will become a common one.

Another instance to consider is a conflict between the two parties and the dismissal of an underperforming worker minus the need for a drawn-out potential process.

What Will an Independent Solicitor Advise On?

Even if an employer takes care of a portion of the legal fees, the solicitor will always act on behalf of the employee in informing them the following things about the compromise agreement:

• The legal advice based on the actual terms and effects of the agreement at hand
• Legal advice on the capacity of the employee to pursue every claim indicated in the agreement
• Acting as the relevant independent adviser as the law defines

Are Compromise Agreement Payments Tax-free?

When making payment for the compromise agreement, it is important to understand that tax implication involved. Since this is the one area that is subject to change, you need to understand how to calculate the tax.

Also, it is worth noting that the payable tax on the compromise agreement is never straightforward. For example, payments of up to £30,000 are most of the time tax-free, but this does not apply to all payments. Therefore, each time you are about to make a payment, make sure to go through the possible tax implications.

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What If the Compromise Agreement Is Broken?

Remember that a compromise agreement is a legally binding contract. Therefore, the best solution is to compensate for the breach of contract. However, it is normal for a court to order payment with terms focused on protecting reputations.

As the employee, if you break the agreement, the employer has all the rights to collect the monies that they had paid. The employer can choose to collect some or every money that had been paid to you or all of it. It will help if you seek further clarification on how this term works.

Why Should I Sign a Settlement Agreement?

This form of agreement is always used in situations where there are redundancy situations or in case of a dispute between an employer and employees. Leaving a job is stressful, and the compromise agreement might go a long way in helping you cope with the situation. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider signing the compromise agreement.

• Tax-free compensation
• Your employer will take care of the legal advice
• You will be able to avoid the risks of litigation, delay, and uncertainty
• All the documentation and rights are contained in a single document
• Your references and reputation are both protected
• You will be able to manage stress effectively

Is There Any Confidential Information?

Businesses must always take good care of confidential information. This explains why compromise agreement always features confidentiality provisions; for instance, the worker will agree:

• Not to use any sort of confidential information

• Not to share any confidential information to anyone, company, or any other party without the knowledge of the employer

• To keep the existence and terms of the agreement entirely confidential

• Not to make any form of derogatory comments about their employer to a third party

Why Should I Work with Work Place Mediation?

For your compromise agreement to be entirely valid, you will need some independent legal advice. If you talk to a legal expert, there is a good chance that your situation will yield positive results, and that is where Work Place Mediation comes in.

We are focused on ensuring that, during this difficult time, we ease the tension for you but clearly explaining the claims you might be compromising, and what the agreement actually means.

If you let us negotiate on your behalf, our team will work to ensure that you get the maximum compensation as a well as a reference to help you land a new job, and also improve other terms.

For instance, it is vital that you prevent your employer from dropping negative sentiments in the future regarding your performance, and we can help you do that. We will be available at all times to ensure that you leave your current employment on the best terms possible, to help you move on with your life without any fear. Go ahead and talk to us today, and we will begin working together.

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